No Judgment Zone (Intro)

For a while, I thought about writing down my thoughts somewhere. I’m not a fan of keeping a journal though. I normally start it, but I cannot write consistently. The same happens with blogs, unfortunately. However, sometimes you want a place where you can share some thoughts and ideas that are in your head, yet I hate the toxicity of social media. That’s why I decided to do it here, on my own website. I want to create a so-called no judgment zone.

The Goal

First of all, I don’t think that these posts will ever be discovered as I have no desire to share them on social media. I’ll write it primarily for myself. And maybe for you, if you are reading this. I’ll be publishing lyrics from the songs I write, maybe some demo drafts, and anything that I feel is worth posting here.

The main focus is simply to keep a journal with the thoughts that I’m not able to share anywhere else.

The Structure

I will try to follow the SEO guidelines, but again it’s not the main goal of this blog.

What I want to do is simply share the information that I think is worth sharing.

The Response (No Judgment Zone)

First of all, this is my personal website, so if you decide to comment, feel free to do so. Some rules though: no trolling, no judgment, and no negative vibes.

Since all of the comments will go through me, they will be heavily reviewed. If you have some negativity to share though, you can always send me a message privately, and we can keep the conversation that way.

In Conclusion

Finally, let’s just have some fun here. If you think that posts here are worth sharing, please do so. Don’t take anything out of context though, I just hate it.

I hope the stuff I’ll be sharing here will help someone. I’m not a pro with words sometimes, so forgive me if I’m not saying something clearly.

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