Sasha Bonn

Hailing from Russia, Musician Sasha Bonn touched down in Los Angeles, CA in the summer of 2007.

By 2008 he already had his first project “7 Seconds To Heaven” underway. The band wrote alternative rock music with some influence of European rock.

Bonn faced some testing times in the music industry from 2009-12. Nevertheless, his patience, passion, and dedication have shown that he has what it takes, to not become disheartened in such an ever-increasingly tough business. His first testing time came in 2009 when he moved to Orange County, CA. Bonn met Vlad Kharin. leading to them starting a new project called “Buy One Get One Free”. A couple of the demo songs were released but never went to the live stage. It was more of a garage band that jammed in their free time which ended up just fizzling out. This was mainly due to them not being able to find a drummer.

Bonn later recorded the 3 demo songs “Sasha Grey”, “Lost in Japan” and “Dancing in the Rain”. He got by with only a drum machine instead of a real drummer. The songs were actually well-received on certain college radio stations but weren’t promoted alongside “Monologue” due to them only being demos.

During 2012 Sasha Bonn met Amber Doll, which led to them forming the acoustic pop duo, “Winter’s Flight”. They recorded the EPA Place Where Memories Fade” and shot a music video to the song “Chains”. The song featured an acoustic bass and cajon. Again, the songs were very well received on college radio stations.
The duo then went on to play live gigs at local festivals and coffee shops such as “The Gypsy Den” (Santa Ana, CA) and “Waterloo Station” (Mission Viejo, CA).
Their most memorable performance was on KBOO radio in Portland, OR.

During the same period of time, Bonn also started working with Anthony Newen on music for films. This would become his main focus in 2015 after Winter’s Flight played their last ever song. His work for Newen includes music written for two short films, “First and Last” and “The Last Conversation” (for which he wrote the closing track “Sunsets”).

Sasha Bonn is now experimenting with some brand new musical styles. His distinct sound is influenced by various genres of rock, including bands such as Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, and Poets of the Fall.

In 2016 Sasha moved to Portland, OR where he currently resides. He finished a score for a new short film by Anthony Newen, “Fortune”. He also plans to release a few demo songs.